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What Are Delta 8 Edibles All About?

Recreational cannabis use has a long and controversial history in the United States and abroad. Until very recently, cannabis users had to hide their use of the substance for fear of societal backlash. While those days aren’t long gone, some progress has been made. 

“With increasing social acceptability comes great commercial opportunity.” Uncle Ben said that we think. Kidding, of course. The statement is true, though. Though dispensaries are now a common sight in places where cannabis is legal, there are still gaps in the market where it’s still illegal. 

This is where hemp comes in—particularly hemp-based products like delta 8 edibles. Hemp has always carried far less stigma than its more potent cousin – marijuana. The medicinal and health benefits of hemp, along with its non-intoxicating nature, have meant that it isn’t seen as an evil substance.  

Since delta 8 is derived from hemp, and is becoming a popular alternative to delta 9 found in marijuana-based products, we’re going to tell you everything you need to know about delta 8. Our focus will be largely on delta 8 edibles. 

What are Delta 8 Edibles? 

Whether you’re a regular marijuana user, or first-timer, you must already know that there’s many ways to consume the substance. Ingesting it is one of these methods. Of course, you don’t just eat it raw; there’s usually a facilitator like brownies or gummies. 

The concept behind delta 8 edibles is the same. You can eat gummies, chocolate bars, brownies or fruity bars infused with delta 8. The difference is primarily in the kind of high that you get. Since delta 8 is not as potent as delta 9, found in marijuana, you can expect a much milder high. 

People prefer eating THC-infused products as an alternative to smoking because of the obvious health issues that regular smoking can cause. Ingesting THC, rather than smoking it, is a much safer alternative. As a bonus, users report a much greater high through edibles. 

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Will Delta 8 Even Get Me High?

Well, the answer depends on a few factors. The first is your usage frequency. If you’re already a regular user, you may feel underwhelmed. The second factor is dosage. As with anything, the higher the dose, the more pronounced the effects. Regular users offset the low-potency of delta 8 by upping the dosage. 

So what’s the high like? Well, it’s a body-high. What this essentially means is that you feel relaxed. It doesn’t affect the mind as much as delta 9. However, if you’re not careful with dosage, this description may become obsolete. 

Most people enjoy the delta 8 buzz. It allows for them to focus on their work, while maintaining a positive disposition. If you feel like you’re under a lot of stress lately and wish to calm your nerves, Freedom Health CBD can help you purchase delta 8 in Johnson City, Tennessee or in any of our other locations. 

Safe-Source Your Delta 8 

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