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Should you take CBG or CBD?


CBD oil in Knoxville, Tennessee, has come a long way. It is now accepted as a chemical that is good for relaxation and rest. It can relieve stress, help with pain relief, and can calm anxiety. It’s different from the THC compounds found in cannabis which can trigger psychoactive symptoms.

However, CBD is not alone in this. There is a different compound called CBG, which is cannabigerol. It is a less common chemical found in cannabis and not as abundant. CBG is sometimes referred to as the stem cell or the base molecule of cannabinoids.

However, does it do as good or a better job than CBD? Does it have the same or maybe greater benefits? Let’s find out.

Differences Between CBG and CBD

In chemical terms, CBD helps to regulate and produce endocannabinoids. CBG, however, works on the receptors. Let’s put it this way; CBG is an energy boost while CBG has a more calming effect. The two can balance each other out if you take them together.

Thus, CBD can relieve stress, pain, and inflammation if taken. It has a more intensified response when looking at the physical aspects of the body. CBG has been shown to be more effective in areas in the brain. That being said, each person is different, and there is variation in these results.

So, what should you take? Should you go for CBD Products in Oak Ridge, Tennessee, or should you go for CBG? Let’s take a look.

CBD or CBG, Which is Better for Anxiety?

If you are diagnosed with an anxiety disorder and or depression, you should choose CBD. It is a clear option since there is far more research available on its effect on anxiety. CBG also has strong anti-anxiety effects. It can bond to certain endocannabinoid receptors and thus can ease anxiety and pain.

CBG has also been shown to have a connection to increased levels of dopamine. This supports anxiety levels, sleep, and appetite. Hence, the research surrounding CBG and anxiety is not very conclusive.

That being said, CBG has a greater effect when relieving symptoms of ADHD and improving focus and energy. Both of these have links to anxiety and mental health.

Can You Take CBG and CBD Together?

Today, several people take a CBD oil tincture as a sedative to sleep and CBG to wake up. Thus, using both chemicals in your life can be a positive. While you should always consult a physician when making this decision, it’s not a forbidden one.

Medical science has only advanced thus far that it has done very limited studies on CBG. However, it’s not been shown to be harmful or lethal in any manner.

That being said, always check with a physician or your pharmacist regarding the best course of action for you.