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The Bill That Changed it All

The 2018 Farm Bill legalized commodity hemp production in the US. This federal bill shifted the reigns to each state to make their own decisions and regulations, regarding the production, distribution, and labeling of hemp products.

States’ Response

The growing popularity of hemp and hemp-derived products in research sciences pushed many states to legalize smokable hemp. At the same time, the fact that many private companies marketed hemp-derived products while violating the Federal Food, Drug, and Cosmetic Act pushed several states to introduce strict guidelines and others to outlaw hemp production entirely.

Yet, that isn’t the last thing you’ll ever hear of the legality of smokable hemp. The legal status of hemp products in the US is ever-changing. The popularity of hemp ebbs and flows and because of that states’ responses vary. Many states today are working towards illegalizing the smokable hemp due to lack of regulations while others are working tirelessly to introduce stricter regulations to come to an effective conclusion.

States Are Debating and Banning Hemp

Texas is one of the states amid this conundrum. In June 2019, the Texas Department of State Health Services (DSHS) enacted regulations for the processing and manufacturing of smokable hemp. Only a year later, DSHS introduced excessive regulations, to the point that several private companies moved their businesses to other states.

North Carolina is another state that is debating the ban of smokable hemp. On one hand, the farmers find the business profitable, on the other hand, the law enforcement department finds the lack of identification problematic and is voicing their opinions to ban smokable hemp. The state has yet to make a decision, perhaps they’d choose a middle ground and introduce stricter regulations that will benefit both, the farmers and the law enforcement department.

The legality of Smokable Hemp Is Still Unclear, but the Future Seems Promising

With so many ups and downs in the legality of smokable hemp, the states simply can’t outlaw it and be done with it. The states simply can’t ignore the growing market of smokable hemp and the research the latest research that consequently backs it up.

Idaho, Indiana, Iowa, Kentucky, Louisiana, Massachusetts, and Texas are the states that have successfully banned smokable hemp, mainly because of the law enforcement departments.  If the legalization of marijuana in 14 states is any indication, it’s safe to say that it’s not long before smokable hemp would be legal across the states.

Tennessee’s CBD laws are way ahead of the other states and smokable hemp is legal. However, the regulations are just as strict, and we highly suggest finding a licensed CBD seller in Tennessee for your health and safety.

If you are looking for hemp products in Harriman then make sure you only go to sellers with quality hemp in Tennessee. The law enforcement officers find it hard to differentiate smokable hemp and marijuana. If you get caught smoking hemp sourced from an unlicensed seller, you’ll find yourself in deep waters.