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About Us


Have you been looking for someplace to buy hemp in Tennessee? Well, you’ve come to the right place. Freedom Health CBD is both an online and retail store for hemp and various CBD-infused products. We strive to satisfy all of our customers by providing them with fresh and high-quality products at reasonable prices.

Do you want to know more about what got us into this business?

Let’s find out why CBD is so special to us and how we can help you!

About Us - Freedom Health CBD
About Us - Freedom Health CBD
About Us - Freedom Health CBD


Before we founded Freedom Health CBD, we would constantly think about how so many of our military veterans have to deal with physical pain every day. After providing their services to our country, we believed they deserved to have easy access to dealing with this pain. And one way that they could achieve that was by using CBD products. So, that’s where the original idea of Freedom Health CBD came from. Our goal from that point forward was to provide all people a safe and reliable way to help alleviate physical pain, along with other things that CBD helps treat. Therefore, the drive that pushes us to strive to provide our customers with the best service possible comes from our passion for helping people.

We aim to be the buds that you can rely on!
 As a testament to our support of our armed forces, we offer all military veterans who shop from our retail store a 15% discount on all products! 


Each and every individual working at Freedom Health CBD strives to get you, our customer, the best possible product that we can get.

So, what can you expect from our products?


Fresh buds are good buds; there are no two ways about that. To ensure that all of the buds available in our stores are fresh, we receive new shipments every week. This way, you can get the best possible product with excellent flavors if you decide to mix any of our hemp flowers in your food.

Reasonable Prices

What’s the point of selling high-quality products if no one can buy it, right? Well, that is exactly why we have made sure to sell our products at reasonable prices for our customers. This way, you can buy hemp in Tennessee or purchase and use high-quality CBD-infused products, such as oils, lotions, edibles, and more.

Weekly Specials

Freedom Health CBD also provides its customers with weekly specials for certain products. Keep an eye out for these as they’ll be posted in the store only.

Why Choose Freedom Health CBD?

​In addition to providing customers with high-quality, fresh, and reasonably-priced products, Freedom Health CBD also aims to provide customers with choices. We have a range of different flavors of hemp flowers that’ll allow you to bring new flavors in your cooking while still giving it that kick that you’re looking for. And that’s not even including our selection of CBD-infused products!