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THC-O and its benefits

What is THC-O?

You may have heard of the synthetic compound THC-O (THC-oh!) in the news recently. It’s derived from the hemp flower and is actually called THC-O Acetate. It has quickly gained a lot of popularity among Americans who can’t access legal cannabis or marijuana.
So, why has it taken cannabis smokers by storm?

What is THC-O in Oak Ridge Tennessee?

It’s actually not a very recent compound. The US military began studying its effects as far back as 1949. Recent research has found the compound to be roughly 3 times as strong as conventional THC. It’s also been called a psychedelic cannabinoid since it induces borderline hallucinatory effects.
Since it’s derived from federally legal hemp flowers, it’s become popular in states where legal cannabis is hard to obtain Even areas where state-licensed delta 9-THC products aren’t accessible, THC-O is taking root.
It’s become even more popular since Delta 8-THC has been outlawed by the DEA in certain states.
Hence, THC-O is the new cannabinoid on the block. However, is it really all that good? Well, it’s got several benefits that will surely interest you.

Benefits of Consuming THC-O in Oak Ridge Tennessee

THC-O has been found to have several psychoactive effects and euphoric feelings associated with it. It’s a new cutting edge cannabinoid which has typical properties that are associated with cannabis use.
However, its potency, such as it is, has been linked to greater effects than normal cannabinoids. That also means that it has some very potent positive effects for people suffering from anxiety, depression, and panic attacks.

Stress Reduction

It’s known for its stress reducing properties which means you can take it when you’re having a rough time. It’s also known for its anti-nausea and anti-anxiety effects. This means that you can take it if you feel like throwing up or extremely exhausted or worried.

Appetite Stimulation

It’s even been found to stimulate the appetite. Of course, regular cannabis has been found to do that as well. That being said, this is a multi-use drug which you can take with several positive effects.
Of course, as with all things, you should take it in moderation and gauge your tolerance for it.

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