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What are THC-O Gummies

THC-O Gummies

Hemp derived CBD gummies and THC gummies have been available for sale for a long time now. They’re a favorite snack among CBD enthusiasts, that’s for sure. However, there are now THC-O gummies as well. You can now find the potent flavor of THC in these gummies, which will either give you a pick me up or calm you down.

What are THC-O Gummies?

THC-O gummies are made using the distillate of THC-O which is derived from organically grown hemp. It’s a complex mixture of phytonutrients that’s made to give you the great kick that THC-O gummies do.

The other ingredients are just the good old water, sugar, gelatin, citric acid, natural flavoring and coloring. All the great flavor of gummies is still there, it’s just infused with THC-O.

What is THC-O?

THC-O is a new compound that has been synthetically generated from the hemp flower. It can affect you nearly 3 times as potent as the Delta 8 THC chemical. However, in THC-O gummies you’ll find that limited doses will allow you to gauge your tolerance.

Benefits of THC-O Gummies

THC-O gummies contain small doses of THC-O which can help you with a lot of things including anxiety and depression. THC-O has a general calming effect which can help you after a stressful day of work or if you have a panic attack.

It’s also a great pick me up if you’re feeling drowsy or if you want to stay up late. It can give you a great pep boost and make you stay alert for the next few hours and be productive. Hence, if you have a long night coming on, you can take a THC-O gummy and go on working until you’re finished.

Also, there is a great benefit of appetite boosts with THC-O gummies. If you’re a consumer of regular cannabis you know how hungry it can make you. With THC-O gummies, you can have them if you want a good appetite booster.

That way, you’ll be ready for a meal and also make sure that you’ve eaten enough for the time being.

The best part of THC-O gummies is that they’re infused with just the right amounts of THC-O. You won’t need to ration or pace yourself. You can eat one gummy and then see how the effects last on you.

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