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Do Cannabis Edibles Ever Expire?

For those people who wish to avoid smoking marijuana, cannabis infused products and edibles are the way to go. However, several questions are often raised about its safety and shelf life. How long can they last? Do they come with an expiration date? Where can I store them? Such questions are always a given. But they do have their answers. If you are curious to get insight into the world of cannabis edibles and find out if they can ever expire, then this article is written just for you.

Do Cannabis Edibles Ever Expire?

Before diving into whether cannabis edibles ever expire or not, let’s have a look at what cannabis edibles are. These edibles are food items and products that are infused with cannabis. All can be added to the list from cookies, chocolates, gummies, brownies, etc. These edibles are made for those cannabis consumers who do not wish to inhale marijuana or smoke the cannabis bud. This may be due to a personal preference or medical condition due to which they are unable to inhale the product.

The question now comes to how long cannabis products can last and if they ever expire. This is a valid concern as cannabis products are consumed sparingly. In many cases, cannabis edibles already come with an expiration date. This can be found stamped on the packaging of the edible. On the other hand, certain cannabis edibles can remain fit to consume for months on end. According to Healthline, this is if they have been infused with the cannabinoid the correct way, have the proper packaging in place, are of premium quality, and are stored correctly.

Moreover, the type of edible also comes into play. Edibles such as cookies and gummies may have a longer shelf life stretching up to 6 months (it can even go up to a year), while edibles containing dairy or in the form of sauces or drinks may expire within a few weeks.

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some frequently asked questions that can help clarify any further confusion.

1. How Can I Store My Cannabis Edibles?

Cannabis products are to be stored based on their type. For edibles in the form of liquids, storing them in the refrigerator would be a good call to make – this does not impact the potency of the THC or CBD content present in the edible.

For edibles such as cookies and brownies, storing them in an airtight jar in your pantry should be sufficient. Avoid keeping products containing dairy out in the open for long as they can go bad quickly.

2. Do Cannabis Edibles Lose Their Potency After Being Stored for A Long Time?

While the other ingredients in the edible may decay, the potency of the THC or CBD present in the edible will not decay as fast. This is why manufacturers aim to preserve the edible by integrating it with mold inhibitors. This also helps improve the longevity of the product.

According to experts, THC decreases in potency via the following timeline.

  • 26% loss in potency after 2 years
  • 34% loss in potency after 3 years
  • 41% loss in potency after 4 years

3. How Do I Know If My Cannabis Edible Has Gone Bad?

The first sign to look out for is a difference in how the product smells. If there is any change in the product’s smell, chances are it has gone bad. Despite the expiration date still being months away, this may be the case as other external factors may have impacted the product’s shelf life. Humidity, exposure to extreme temperatures, and inadequate storage are a few reasons that can lead up to this.Cannabis products in Tennessee

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