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CBD might offer relief for people with anxiety.

10 Common Myths and Facts about CBD Products

CBD is a special compound that has been making waves in many industries for the past decade. All the hype around CBD has led to people making many bold claims about it. Today we’ll examine some of these claims and determine whether they are true or false.

1. CBD Can Help with Chronic Pain

Verdict: True

CBD has been touted as a potential therapeutic product to help relieve chronic pain for many years. Recent studies have found that CBD possesses pain-relieving or “analgesic” properties.

People who want to avoid painkillers can turn to CBD Gummies for pain relief. Such an arrangement might be helpful if you’re concerned about the side effects associated with taking painkillers in the long run.

2. CBD Oil Can Help with Depression

Verdict: True

Many researchers have studied CBD as a potential therapeutic alternative for helping with mental health issues like depression. Emerging research has discovered that CBD possesses antidepressant qualities which may help people suffering from the mental health condition.

Taking the best hemp oil might not cure depression, but it may offer temporary relief from some of the symptoms this condition produces.

3. Cannabidiol is Illegal

Verdict: False

Cannabis laws in America have been changing rapidly. Cannabidiol (CBD) is currently legal in all fifty states in 2022. However, certain types of CBD products are legal in certain states only if their THC content is below a specific amount.

For example, a CBD product in Tennessee is legal only if its THC content is under 0.3%. This limit is raised to 0.9% if the CBD is for medical use.

Some experience drowsiness after taking CBD.

4. CBD Does Not Produce Side Effects

Verdict: False

CBD isn’t considered dangerous. However, it can produce minor side effects such as:

  • Tiredness
  • Diarrhea
  • Changes in appetite and/or weight

These side effects are rarely present for users but gauging them for yourself is a great move. Additionally, some people may be willing to accept these side effects if the CBD is helping them positively in other ways, such as providing pain relief.

5. CBD is Addictive

Verdict: False

CBD is a fantastic compound that offers a wide range of therapeutic benefits. People who take CBD regularly will be glad to learn that this substance is not addictive. In fact, researchers have attempted to use CBD to help people combat other types of substance addictions.

This means you should be able to use a CBD product such as Delta 8 Gummies regularly without worrying about developing physical dependence.

6. CBD Helps Reduce Anxiety Symptoms

Verdict: True

Millions of people across the country suffer from anxiety. Such people may be able to turn to CBD to help relieve some of their anxiety symptoms. This means you may be able to enjoy anxiety relief as one of the THC-O Gummies’ effects.

You should note that CBD should never be used as a substitute for medication prescribed by a professional psychiatrist/doctor. Please consult your psychiatrist/doctor if you intend to utilize CBD alongside any prescribed medicines.

7. CBD Can Change Your Mood

Verdict: True

CBD can alter your mood depending on your dosage and the effect you are hoping to feel. For example, if you experience distress from chronic pain, eating Delta 8, THC Chocolate may help you feel more relaxed and easygoing after its pain-relieving qualities have kicked in.

Similarly, CBD can make you feel drowsy. This could be a desirable mood change if you have anxiety and experience stress-induced hyperactivity.

CBD has been incorporated into numerous products.

8. Hemp Oil is the Same as CBD Oil

Verdict: False

Hemp oil and CBD oil are similar in many respects. They are both derived from plants in the cannabis family. However, hemp oil is typically extracted from industrial hemp plants and contains only a tiny percentage of THC.

CBD oil, on the other hand, can be extracted from different types of cannabis plants that contain higher concentrations of THC.

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9. CBD Gets You High

Verdict: False

The psychoactive chemical in cannabis products that produces a “high” is known as Tetrahydrocannabinol or THC. Most CBD compounds contain a THC concentration of 0.3% or less. This concentration is too low to get you high.

You should note that people often get products such as CBD edibles confused with marijuana edibles. The latter contains high THC concentrations and can produce a strong high. For this reason, you should always check the THC concentration listed on the packaging of any edible before consuming it.

10. You Will Feel CBD’s Effects Immediately

Verdict: False

CBD offers many kinds of therapeutic effects. However, these effects are not instantaneous.

If you’re taking CBD oils or tinctures, it may take between 15 and 60 minutes for the effects to kick in. CBD edibles typically take between 30 and 90 minutes for the CBD’s effects to be felt.

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