Why You Should Not Buy Hemp Products From Gas Stations

With one in seven Americans over the age of 18 using CBD products, the demand for these products is higher than ever. Coupled with the official legalization of hemp on the federal level, this has resulted in the widespread availability of various CBD strains and products all over the country.

You can even get Hemp products in Rockwood, TN, at gas stations, and likely at lower prices than dispensaries and designated hemp shops.

But, should you buy hemp products from gas stations?
Ask any hemp expert and you would get the same answer – NO!

​Why You Should Not Buy Hemp Products from a Gas Station:
Following are some of the major reasons why you should not buy CBD products from a gas station in Tennessee:

  • Gas Station Hemp Products Are Low-Quality and Potentially Unsafe
  • The 2018 Farm Bill that legalized marijuana on the federal level also highlighted the regulations for the growth and manufacturing of hemp and CBD products. However, there’s no governing body to implement those rules or even oversee if they’re being followed. As a result, a large number of low-quality products have hit the market.
  • The hemp products sold at gas stations are low-quality. They are likely to be made with hemp that is not grown using safe cultivation methods and products. The extraction of CBD and the manufacture of various products is also not likely to be up to the mark. They may also contain higher than permitted levels of THC. THC not only causes psychoactive effects, but a high dosage can also lead to several negative effects.
  • The low prices of hemp products sold at gas stations are alone enough to tell that they are low quality. If you’re looking to buy quality hemp in Tennessee, stay away from gas stations.

They Have Low Potency

A research study conducted by CBD Awareness Project in April 2020 revealed that most CBD products sold at gas stations only offer 40% of the potency mentioned on the label. Of all the products researchers tested, three drinks labelled as CBD-infused didn’t have any CBD.

Gas Station CBD-Products are Typically Made from CBD Isolate

CBD products sold at gas stations have low potency because they typically use CBD isolate as opposed to full-spectrum CBD. Research tells that since full-spectrum CBD contains all the phytocannabinoids, they offer greater benefits. Products made with full-spectrum hemp extracts also require smaller doses and have far lesser negative effects (if any) than those containing CBD isolate.

Where to buy CBD Products in Rockwood, Tennessee?
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