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Smoking hemp offers instant relief for many symptoms.

The Benefits and Risks of Smoking Hemp for Relaxation

Hemp and hemp products have taken the world of therapeutic supplements by storm in the last decade. These days, you can find all sorts of hemp products ranging from flowers, edibles, and even topical products at CBD stores in the country.

Hemp flower remains one of the most popular choices among hemp enthusiasts. This is because it can be readily smoked in different ways and offers instant effects.  If you’re interested in smoking hemp flowers such as Delta 8 THC flower and THCa hemp flower, it is vital to understand both the benefits and risks before setting out to purchase such products from a hemp store.

In this guide, we will review both aspects to help you determine whether smoking hemp flowers is right for you.

What Is a Hemp Flower?

Hemp is one of the major plant types within the cannabis plant family. It is closely related to marijuana but has one major difference: Low THC levels.

Marijuana is known to have THC concentrations higher than 0.3%, while hemp’s THC concentrations are below 0.3%. THC is the major psychoactive component in cannabis plants, so the low THC levels in hemp are unlikely to produce a “high.” This makes hemp flower legal in states like Tennessee, where marijuana is still illegal.

Benefits of Smoking Hemp Flower

Smoking a hemp flower such as THCa hemp flower offers many of the same benefits as ingesting hemp products. This includes helping combat symptoms of anxiety, inflammation, and insomnia. In this section, we’re going to focus on the benefits associated with the smoking consumption method over other hemp consumption methods.

1.     Fast Onset of Effects

The most significant difference between smoking hemp and consuming it via edibles is in how quickly you feel the effects. When you consume a hemp-derived edible, the effects typically take at least an hour to kick in. This is because the CBD compounds need to be digested and metabolized by the liver.

When you smoke hemp, such as Durban Poison Delta 8 flower, the CBD bypasses this liver metabolization process and enters your bloodstream within seconds. This gives you the instant relief you are seeking.

2.     Offering a Relaxing Substitute for Cigarette Smokers

Smoking hemp flower can also be an enjoyable activity for cigarette smokers interested in kicking their cigarette habit. Hemp flower isn’t a complete substitute for cigarettes, but it may help relieve some cravings that smokers normally experience. This has also contributed to hemp lounges becoming incredibly popular across the country.

Hemp and marijuana are both from the cannabis family.

Risks of Smoking Hemp Flower

While smoking hemp does offer many benefits, there are also a few risks worth noting. This includes:

1.     Lung Irritation

If you aren’t a smoker, you may experience lung irritation when you smoke hemp flowers. This is due to the inherent irritation that inhaling any combusted material creates. People who smoke hemp flowers regularly often deal with issues such as excessive coughing or phlegm buildup due to this irritation. For this reason, many people prefer vaping hemp flower over smoking it.

2.     Dosage Challenges

It can be challenging to measure dosages when you’re smoking hemp. Many people choose to simply eyeball the amount rather than use a weighing scale to measure the amount. This often leads to them underdosing or overdosing. By contrast, measuring out edibles is easier because the packaging states the CBD and or THC concentration upfront. Therefore, you can divide the edible into smaller pieces and easily consume the right amount to achieve your desired dose.

Some people prefer vaping hemp flower instead of smoking it.

Where Can I Purchase High-Quality Hemp Flowers?

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