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Hemp CBD VS. Marijuana CBD: What is the Difference?

Are you curious to learn about CBD? Are you confused about the different types that you see online? Especially hemp CBD and Marijuana CBD? Has this left you in a frenzy of which product to consume and what purpose each compound serves? Well, you have come to the right place. For many people who are new to the world of cannabis-based products or marijuana, technical terms such as CBD and THC among others can be stressful to figure out. However, knowing where to get the right information from can help you in increasing your knowledge about CBD Products in Oak Ridge TN effectively. Let’s have a look at the basics and differentiate between hemp CBD and Marijuana CBD to get started, shall we?

What is CBD?

Before we dive in to figuring out what hemp CBD is and what Marijuana CBD is, let’s try to understand what CBD is first. CBD is one of the many chemicals that are found in the cannabis flower. Its scientific name is cannabidiol. It is the most potent and abundant chemical compound in the many varieties of the cannabis Sativa plant. The second most extracted chemical compound is tetrahydrocannabinol i.e. THC.

CBD is a non-psychoactive drug. This means that its primary use is to treat medical conditions. It comes with a range of health benefits that can help in healing several ailments. THC on the other hand is a psychoactive compound. This is the chemical that reacts with the brain’s receptors in the hippocampus to produce a feeling of ‘high’. Most avid cannabis users that look for an experience of euphoria consume THC products.

What is Hemp Sourced CBD vs. Marijuana Sourced CBD?

CBD derived from any cannabis Sativa variety intends to produce the same results. However, there are a few differences between hemp CBD and Marijuana CBD based on their ease of use and legalities.

1. Ease of Extraction

CBD can be derived from various varieties of the cannabis Sativa plant. Hemp CBD is the CBD compound that has been extracted or sourced from the C. Sativa variety of the cannabis plant. This plant is also known as hemp. Hemp has compounds of both CBD and THC present in them, however, it is more potent in CBD than marijuana is. Similarly, marijuana too has the THC and CBD components present. However, the CBD compound is lower in comparison to THC, making marijuana more appropriate for its euphoric experience and THC properties. This is why hemp based CBD stands as a more feasible and lucrative option for manufacturers to invest in. a lot more CBD can be extracted from a few leaves of hemp than from marijuana.

2. Legal Status

Hemp CBD due to its lower THC content comes with fewer legalities. It is primary purpose is for medical usage as the THC content is lower. Marijuana CBD may on the other hand have limited legal status in comparison due to a higher THC content.

Benefits of Consuming CBD

CBD products, regardless of where they are sourced from, be it hemp or marijuana, come with a wide range of benefits. Let’s have a look at some of the most common uses of CBD.

  • CBD is known for its effectiveness in helping treat insomnia. It acts as a muscle relaxant and can put you in a state of deep sleep after a long and tiring day
  • CBD can be used to treat anxiety and depression. This I because it is known to react with the receptors in the brain that regulate hormones responsible for changes in your mood
  • The anti-inflammatory properties in CBD are great for alleviating chronic pain such as muscle cramps and migraine
  • Studies are being done to study the benefits of CBD in treating epilepsy
  • CBD products such as edibles can help improve digestion and alleviate gastric issues

Wrapping it Up!

With the breakdown between what Hemp CBD is vs. CBD Marijuana in your knowledge, you can now make the right choice that fits well with your needs and preferences. The type of CBD you consume does not matter; they all essentially seek to provide the same benefits. And the best part is that you can easily access and purchase CBD infused products that are safe and legal. These are the main questions that you should keep in mind before purchasing any CBD Products in Oak Ridge TN. And there is one such store that offers CBD products while checking the boxes for both these questions. It is none other than Freedom Health CBD!

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