Google Will Allow Ads for CBD & Hemp Products: Latest Update 2023

Google is now allowing Google Ads for CBD – something that was once synonymous with restriction and prohibition in the digital advertising landscape.

On January 20, 2023, Google’s policies underwent a significant update that permitted the promotion of certain CBD products. This shift, while welcome news for advertisers in the cannabis industry, comes with a series of caveats and prerequisites that advertisers must adhere to.

The key element of this change is that it allows FDA-approved pharmaceuticals that have CBD and topical CBD products derived from hemp with a THC content of 0.3% or lower. However, this newfound freedom comes with geographical constraints, as these ads will only be permitted in the states of Colorado, California, and Puerto Rico. Additionally, it’s worth noting that certain ad formats, like YouTube Masthead, will remain ineligible for serving Google Ads for CBD.

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Eligibility Requirements for CBD Advertisers

The door to Google Ads for CBD is not thrown wide open; it’s more like a carefully monitored entrance. To become an eligible advertiser, businesses must meet specific requirements and undergo a certification process administered by LegitScript. Here’s what prospective advertisers need to know:

Topical FDA-Approved Pharmaceuticals: Businesses looking to advertise CBD products on Google must ensure that their offerings fall within the FDA-approved pharmaceutical category. This is a crucial criterion for eligibility.

Hemp-Derived CBD Products with Low THC: Another key requirement is that CBD products must be derived from hemp and contain no more than 0.3% THC. This THC threshold is a strict limit set by both federal and state regulations.

LegitScript Certification: To achieve eligibility, businesses are required to attain certification from LegitScript. This certification process necessitates providing samples of the product to verify compliance with legal THC limits and submitting a third-party Certificate of Analysis (COA) to LegitScript.

It’s important to emphasize that LegitScript offers no certification for FDA-approved pharmaceuticals containing CBD, focusing instead on hemp-derived CBD products. This certification process ensures transparency and adherence to legal regulations, benefiting both consumers and the industry as a whole.

Scope of CDB Advertising

The Scope of CBD Advertising on Google

Despite the relaxation of Google Ads for CBD advertising policies, not all CBD products will be allowed to be promoted. The scope of CBD advertising remains limited to a specific set of products. These include FDA-approved pharmaceuticals containing CBD and topical CBD products with low THC content, as previously mentioned.

However, it’s crucial to understand that Google will continue to disallow advertising for all other CBD-based products. This encompasses supplements, food additives, and inhalants, among others. These restrictions are in line with Google’s broader policies on dangerous products or services.

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THCa vape cartridges have also become popular among users seeking a convenient and discreet way to consume THCa. These cartridges offer a controlled and measured dose of THCa, making them a favored choice among cannabis enthusiasts.

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Bottom Line

Allowing Google Ads for CBD is a promising opportunity for businesses operating in the CBD and cannabis industry, but it comes with stringent eligibility criteria and geographic limitations. Advertisers will need to meet the LegitScript certification requirements, promote only FDA-approved pharmaceuticals and low-THC topical CBD products, and restrict their advertising to California, Colorado, and Puerto Rico.

As the cannabis industry continues to evolve, products like THCa flower and THCa vape cartridges are gaining recognition for their unique qualities. At Freedom Health CBD, we are dedicated to providing our local community with access to these exceptional products and look forward to expanding our online offerings in the near future.

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