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Delta 8 flower in Knoxville, Tennessee

CBD Flower vs Delta 8 Flower

Those who are just beginning the recreational use of marijuana or other similar substances can feel overwhelmed by the terminology that surrounds this activity. Each substance has several names; some substances are similarly named but have differing properties – it can all be very confusing.

If you’re cautious, you would want to know exactly what you’re consuming. This is not only safer but allows you to do your own research as well, which means that you’ll slowly become more familiar with each substance and how it affects you. Ultimately, asking questions will lead you to a better experience.

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The Delta 8 Flower

Before we can talk about the delta 8 flower, we’ll have to explain what delta 8 is. Delta 8 is an analog or variant of THC. THC, as we all know, is the chemical that causes the psychotropic effects of cannabis. The THC found in marijuana is delta 9 and is more potent than delta 8. As such, the effects of delta 8 are far less pronounced than delta 9.

The fact that hemp contains delta 8, which is not considered potent enough for intoxication, is the reason that it is not a classified substance. This is not the case with marijuana which contains high levels of Delta 9.

Delta 8 flower will get you high. It will have milder psychotropic effects when compared to marijuana, but you’ll definitely feel something. This mild potency makes it an ideal substance for mood and stress modulation.

Delta 8 does not occur in abundance naturally. The funny thing is, there is also no naturally occurring delta 8 flower. Delta 8 is so minuscule in nature; no flower has enough of it to be considered a pre-dominantly delta 8 flower.

But then what am I buying, you might ask. Industrial Hemp has large concentrations of CBD but not delta 8. So when you consume it, you’ll largely feel the CBD. The way producers make up for this is by extracting delta 8 from hemp, and turning it into a concentrate. Then they spray or dip the hemp into this concentrate. This creates what is often described as Delta 8 flower.

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The CBD Flower

Unlike the delta 8 flower, which is a misnomer, the CBD flower actually exists. It is also commonly called a Hemp flower because it is literally the flower bud that grows on the Hemp plant. CBD flower is the closest natural occurrence of hemp.

The only downside is that CBD flower will not get you high. This is strange and surprising because it is the rawest form of hemp available. So, smoking CBD flower can mimic the taste of Delta 8 flower and marijuana but not the high you get. CBD flower is commonly flavored to replicate the taste.

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