CBD benefits for pain relief

CBD Benefits for Pain Relief

It’s been documented that CBD has several pain relieving properties. Even before its proliferation among the US population, several studies came out showing that it has pain relieving properties.

Of course, it should not be taken as a first alternative to your pain medication. You should also always consult a physician before opting for CBD as a form of medication. That being said, it is a viable alternative to pain medication and shouldn’t be ruled out.

Let’s find out why.

CBD Has Great Pain Relief Properties

CBD pain relief properties

CBD Has Anti-Inflammatory Properties

CBD has several anti-inflammatory properties which can help reduce pain, especially in patients with arthritis or MS. CBD oil for pain relief can be of great use to even athletes post workout or for career bodybuilders.

The anti-inflammatory properties in CBD can help with joint pain and muscle pain, and even with nerve pain (see below). This has been found to be true on a number of occasions. The best part is that you can apply CBD to your joints and muscles through your skin and it’ll be absorbed.

CBD Contains Antioxidants

CBD has also been shown to have anti-oxidating effects. It does this by modifying the level and activity of both the oxidants and antioxidants in your body. Like other antioxidants, CBD does disrupt the free radical chain reactions in the body which cause heat and irritation.

CBD is Anti-Emetic

Another great property of CBD is that it’s antiemetic. What that means is that it can stop you from experiencing the effects of nausea. Nausea is commonly associated with headaches, vomiting, and stress. While these symptoms can arise from different illnesses and ailments and even allergies, CBD has been shown to pacify these symptoms.

A study from 2011 on animals showed that CBD interacts with serotonin receptors in the body. Serotonin is a hormone which affects both mood and behavior.  Even the American Cancer Society lists cannabinoids as a treatment option for nausea induced by chemotherapy. Hence, it is a viable medication for nausea.

CBD is a Great Alternative Medication for Pain Relief

CBD has great pain relief properties

CBD has been found to have several pain relief properties which can help with different types of chronic pain. While this is not an endorsement to take CBD instead of pain medication, CBD can act as an effective substitute.
CBD Helps Manage:

Neuropathic Pain

Caused by damage to the nerves, this is pain which is common to diseases like multiple sclerosis or herniated disc injuries. This type of pain can be extremely excruciating to older patients. CBD has shown some promise when it comes to reducing the chronic pain associated with neuropathic pain.

A 2017 study found that chronic neuropathy pain was reduced in patients in 11 randomized trials for 1219 patients.

While more research is needed to find whether only CBD is a viable treatment for neuropathy, it is a viable alternative when nothing else is on hand.


In a 2016 study, rats with arthritis were given a gel containing CBD for 4 days. The result was that there was significant drop in inflammation in those rats. This is consistent with research that finds that CBD can reduce the effects of inflammation in joints and muscles.

While more human studies and trials need to be conducted to measure the efficacy of CBD for arthritis, it does seem to give some relief. Hence, people who use CBD oil to relieve themselves of inflammation from arthritis can find some benefits.

Chronic Pain

A study in the Journal of Experimental Medicine reported that general chronic pain could be reduced by the use of CBD. Cannabis is slowly becoming a more clinically supported treatment for chronic pain relief of all kinds. Taken together with its anti-inflammatory properties, CBD seems like a natural pain reliever.

Multiple Sclerosis

A report found that short term use of CBD oil among patients of multiple sclerosis could reduce muscle spasms. These results were modest, but many reported that there was a reduction in symptoms. Several more studies need to be done to ascertain the full effects. However, taken together with other studies, it does seem that CBD is able to provide some relief to those with MS.

CBD is a Viable Alternative to Opioid Medication

CBD is approved by the WHO as a non addictive medication

The opioid epidemic in the US has reached nightmare proportions. At this time, when people are looking to relieve themselves of pain from arthritis or MS to normal injuries, CBD has proven to be a viable alternative.

CBD is extracted from both hemp and marijuana, but it is a nonaddictive and nonintoxicating chemical. It’s one of the 100 cannabinoids which is found in the marijuana plant. By itself, it doesn’t cause a high.

The World Health Organization itself describes CBD as follows:

“In humans, CBD exhibits no effects indicative of any abuse or dependence potential . . . To date, there is no evidence of public health related problems associated with the use of pure CBD.”

Also, all 50 states in the US have laws which have legalized some form of CBD. Notably, there is no restriction federally on buying or selling products which have hemp derived CBD.

Also, in 2018, the US Congress passed an amendment to the Farm Bill which legalized the growing and production of hemp. This has launched a burgeoning CBD products industry. Hence, not only is CBD a viable alternative to opioid pain medication in theory, it’s also freely available and economical.

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