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3 ways CBD can treat pain

3 Ways How CBD Treats Pain

CBD, derived from cannabis, has been known for its pain relief properties for a long time. CBD is generally used to treat inflammatory pain and chronic pain resulting from wounds or diseases like cancer. You will find people using CBD balms in Roan County Tennessee as well as oils and creams. That’s because of its pain relief properties among other things.

How Does CBD Treat Pain?

According to a study by McGill University, indica and sativa, the two chemicals found in cannabis, produce THC and CBD. However, CBD, when isolated, doesn’t produce the ‘high’ that many users get. Instead, it binds to specific receptors which are responsible for anxiety and pain.

Researchers were able to extrapolate the effects of dosages of CBD displaying antianxiety and analgesic properties. These were found to be non-addictive in nature.

It was found that low doses of CBD alleviated pain when taken for seven days in succession. It also alleviated anxiety. These are the two symptoms associated with either neuropathic or chronic pain.

Hence, CBD is a great antidote to these two kinds of pain. However, this branches out into several other properties by which it neutralizes pain.

1.    Anti-Inflammatory Properties

CBD has anti-inflammatory properties which means that it has the potential to reduce pain caused by physical exertion. This is very useful for athletes or body builders or generally for someone who works out regularly.

CBD can be used to reduce inflammatory pain associated with joint pain or muscle pain. It is also a great painkiller for the elderly since it can reduce inflammatory pain associated with arthritis.

2.    Anti-Oxidant Properties

CBD doesn’t just have anti-inflammatory properties; it also has anti-oxidant properties. Hence, it can reduce inflammation which is caused as a result of oxidative stress. This systemic inflammation, when caused in the body, can result in chaffing, or other types of pain.

CBD can even reduce symptoms of autoimmune conditions like lupus. Hence, it’s an extremely useful painkiller for those suffering from different diseases as well.

3.    Anti-Emetic Properties

CBD also has anti-emetic properties which means that it can decrease nausea and vomiting. These conditions can arise from different stimuli for different people. They can be due to different aromas or can be a result of disease or even treatments like chemotherapy. CBD can counteract these effects and thus give a lot of relief to suffering patients.

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