Delta-9 Fruity Cereal Bar 100MG

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Enjoy the therapeutic effects of Delta-9 with a fruity twist with Secret City Hemp Supply’s Fruity Cereal Bar

Many hail the invention of cereal bars as the best thing since sliced bread. After all, getting to experience the joys of eating cereal on-the-go is something everyone can appreciate. Secret City Hemp Supply understands this well and has crafted a tantalizing Delta-9 infused fruit cereal bar.

This Delta-9 cereal bar consists of puffed rice fused with fruity cereal grains using a sugary binding agent. The bar’s colorful appearance will usher nostalgic memories of a certain fruity cereal many enjoyed growing up. However, this treat is very much so adult in nature thanks to its Delta-9 content.

Did we mention that this fruity cereal bar edible contains a whopping 100MG of Delta-9? That’s enough to blast off into space with plenty to spare for the rest of the week. Secret City Hemp Supply has created a winning product that is sure to satisfy both Delta-9 users and those with a sweet tooth.

This Delta-9 Fruit Cereal Bar is bound to be a hit at group social gatherings as well as for those seeking to spend a relaxing night at home. Anyone that is interested in getting into Delta 9 edibles should consider trying this Delta 9 cannabis cereal bar.

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