Delta 8 Disclaimer:
We do not ship to states where it is illegal.
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Delta 8 Gummies 30 Pack – 1000 MG

Delta 8 Disclaimer:
We do not ship to states where it is illegal.

“A calming experience now available in bite-sized gummies” Our Delta 8 gummies are quickly becoming some of the hottest items in the market. A unique pop of flavor, combined with the amazing experience promised by THC makes these little gummies irresistible!

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Enjoy an extra 50 mg on us! We source our Delta 8 from Secret Hemp Supply. Each 30-pack contains 30 Delta 8 Gummies that are 35 mg each for you to enjoy by yourself, or share with friends. That’s a total of 1000 mg of delta 8 gummies goodness! Whichever way you choose to go, be prepared to experience a sensational mind and body high that you won’t forget.

Such products often cannot mask the taste of hemp, which can put a damper on the whole vibe. We make sure that our gummies have enough flavor so that you barely notice that the hemp is even there.

This product contains less than .3% Delta 9 THC

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Serving Size: Will vary depending on your experience but between ½ and 1 gummy is ideal for most people.

Storage: Keep in a cool, dry place. Heat causes the gummies to melt.

Quantity: 30 gummies.

Delta 8 Content: 35 mg per gummy, 1000 mg total.

Precautions: Before you consume this product, please consult your doctor to determine if it is safe for you. If you’re pregnant or nursing, do not consume this product. Do not drive during or after consumption.


Start by eating a small piece to gauge your tolerance. Wait 1-2 hours for the product to take effect before eating more.


(Sugar, Gelatin, Adipic Acid (For Tartness), Contains Less Than 2% Of Artificial Flavor, Disodium Phosphate And Sodium Citrate (Control Acidity), Fumaric Acid (For Tartness), Red #40, Yellow #5, Yellow #6, Cooking Oil, Delt-8 Distillate.