Delta 8 THC Infused Rogue Lifter


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The Delta 8 THC Infused Rogue Lifter contains a high concentration of CBD, which makes this product perfect for those who want a less potent and non-psychoactive mind high.

This Delta 8 THC strain is sativa-dominant. So, if you want to hit the bed early, you should definitely avoid consuming it at night. With just a few hits of this dense strain, you will feel active and energetic in no time! In addition, you can enjoy all the Delta 8 THC benefits without feeling lazy or high.

One of the most famous strains, the Delta 8 THC Infused Rogue Lifter has terpenes that make Delta 8 products extremely flavorful and aromatic. So, if you want to enjoy a euphoric experience, get your hands on this now!

This product contains less than .3% Delta-9 THC.

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Delta 8 THC Infused Rogue Lifter has several terpenes, such as Myrcene, which give off aromas of cinnamon, chamomile, basil, and magnolia. A pleasant and smooth experience, this strain provides fragrances like no other!
The CBD concentration in this product is high, so you should avoid consuming it at night if you want a proper night’s sleep.


Delta 8 THC Infused Rouge Lifter is safe to use on its own or through a vape. However, if you’re on any medication, consult your doctor before consumption. Please avoid using heavy machinery or driving a car when consuming this flower.


100% organic hemp flower.

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